Lobby MP template

Here is a template you can use to lobby your MP to make sure our fishermen are protected during the EU negotiations.

REPORT: Over 700 UK Crimes A Week Are Committed By EU Migrants

According to Breitbart London 17th Feb: The number of convictions handed to European Union (EU) migrants in the United Kingdom has shot up by nearly 40 per cent inĀ five years, such that more than 700 offences are now being committed every week. The number of convictions handed to EU citizens leapt from around 27,000 in […]

Now we face a Global Police Force

The UK (and the world) is sleepwalking into the creation of a global police force that is designed to enforce global law created by global elites, and that is silently being constructed around our heads. The new global police regimeĀ is coming in two parts. The first prong of the attack is a programme operated by […]

News from Vote Leave

Any reform is meaningless unless there is Treaty change but as EU Council President Donald Tusk admitted this week, this is impossible before the referendum. The only way to achieve a new UK-EU relationship based on friendly international cooperation and free trade is to Vote Leave.

Local Election Results May 2012

Local Election results May 2012 TV Coverage As usual, TV coverage of the elections lumped UKIP in with the “others” described as some 15%. What both the BBC and ITV failed to do was declare UKIP’s true percentage, apart from a brief few seconds when it was announced that UKIP had returned 13%, which in […]