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Dear John,

Are you proud to be British?

Apologies for the personal question… but I want to make sure right away that I’m addressing the right kind of person.

To me it seems like too many people have just given up on the “idea” of Britain altogether.

They don’t care about the future of the country.

They don’t care or cherish the values that made Britain great… or they find it “politically incorrect” to care for things like British national interests.

I hope you aren’t one of them.

Because if you DO care about Britain – its interests, your way of life, and the freedom you have to live and invest as you choose – this letter needs your immediate attention.

It involves a secret agenda of the EU and its operations… one that has never been exposed quite as clearly as it is here today … and one I believe will have a critical impact on Britian, the referendum, and the events following it.

I should warn you right now: What you’re about to see will make you angry.

You may feel sick to your stomach at what is happening.

Or maybe it will just confirm everything you’ve always thought about the EU… but never been able to prove conclusively until today.

Either way, it’ll almost certainly change how you see the European Union… and possibly the way you vote in the referendum that David Cameron has promised before 2017.

I expect some people will accuse me of being a xenophobe for writing this letter. They will send me angry emails, saying I have gone too far. Many already have. I anticipate hundreds of angry letters objecting to what I have to say.

I’m willing to take that risk.

This has nothing to do with race or a dislike or fear of foreign culture. I love Europe. I’ve lived in Paris and Rome. I believe you can love Europe and be against the EU. Just as someone who loves football but despises Sepp Blatter and his corrupt FIFA regime… I love the food, the culture, the people… the whole European way of life.

The EU itself is another beast entirely.

And how you vote is your decision. I’m not writing on behalf of any political party or partisan institution.

I represent a rather unusual organisation, one you likely have never heard of before.

We are a ‘private intelligence’ service, with seven decades’ experience bringing Britons like you the information you need to live a freer, wealthier life… to protect your money during critical moments in history… and help you make money and increase your wealth.

In our long history to date we have issued just one great warning about Britain’s survival.

It came seventy eight years ago, on the eve of Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

I am writing to you today to issue our second great warning.

If you value your freedom to manage your own money, to live and work without outside interference, and live your life the way you choose, this warning is of the utmost importance to you. And here it is:
The upcoming EU referendum is the critical final stage of an underhand plot – one that’s been in place since at least 1970 – to strip the UK of its sovereignty.

You may already suspect something like this has been going on. But not for the reasons you may have been led to believe.

I know that many people who are anti-EU are branded “Little Englanders” obsessed with race and immigration.

But labelling people that way is nonsense.

My warning for you today comes as the result of nine months and £100,000+ worth of dedicated research by my organisation’s top financial and geopolitical analysts. In fact, earlier this year my connections led me to be invited to a private discussion on Britain and the future of the EU, held at a discreet location close to Naples, Italy.

I was joined by highly respected economists, scholars and political experts from nine different nations across the EU.

The frank nature of the discussion prevents me from naming anyone publically.
But I CAN reveal the alarming conclusion we came to. Over three days of intense discussion in Italy, we realised that more than 800 years of British history and tradition are in danger.

That’s why I’ve written to you with such urgency today.

Find out what the EU is really planning – and what you can do to respond by clicking here here now.

Many thanks,

Dan Denning
Publisher, MoneyWeek Unlimited