Welcome to our website dedicated to the UK Independence Party in West Sussex, one of England’s most beautiful counties.

Please take a look around this site to learn about your specific UKIP branch and what events are booked and even how you can help us! The Constituency Area maps (below) will identify your local branch for you. To assist you, try clicking HERE and entering your postcode.  If you are not already a UKIP member, please consider joining us.

Our intention is to cater for members and supporters in West Sussex and surrounding areas. We also intend this site as an information point, supplementing the data available from our national website www.ukip.org, the SouthEast website: www.ukip.org/southeast, and of course from the various local branch sites too.

Branch Constituencies

These maps cover East & West Sussex Counties. We will publish constituency area maps here for you to identify your political constituency area, if not already known. Since Constituency maps do not coincide with District and Borough areas, we show here two maps for comparison. We will include more details later with “click on” links to the appropriate UKIP branches and constituency organisers. Please bear with us!

This map shows the constituency areas. Mid Sussex constituency falls under the county of West Sussex.