Remain scaremongers for months leading up to the referendum spouted dire warnings about a disastrous post-Brexit Britain, they said investment would dry up, all trade would cease, 3 million jobs would disappear over night. None of this has happened, in fact the opposite, but you wouldn’t know this if you listen to the mainstream media…


Screenshot_2The UK’s 100 largest companies as of 2nd August is at a 12 month high in terms of shares and the FTSE 250 has also recovered huge ground after the initial Brexit shock. This is due to the weak pound and confidence in UK companies. With sterling weak after years of overvaluation, exports are boosted, along with tourism due to staycation and foreign nationals wanting cheap holidays in the UK. According to a survey by of some 6,000 adults, 6 million Brits are due to shun international travel and stay at home, increasing business in Britain generating positive economic activity.

The UK has had billions of investment post 23rd June, this graph shows 6 huge organisations all boosting confidence in the UK economy. Not included is the Japanese tech firm SoftBank buying ARM for £24bn and BT’s assurance of a £6bn investment in infrastructure over 3 years.

The UK’s economy grew at double the speed of the Eurozone in the same period leading up to the referendum, beating expectations. This is yet more evidence of of British economic strength compared with the failing Eurozone who all urged us to stay in the EU or our economy would collapse, maybe they got it the wrong way round…

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Screenshot_9One of the main arguments from the leave campaign was that Britain would be able to negotiate trade deals internationally, boosting the economy and creating thousands of jobs. Here is the great Brexit list of nations itching to get a trade deal with us, they form 67% of world GDP amounting to almost $50 trillion: