Here is a template you can use to lobby your MP to make sure our fishermen are protected during the EU negotiations, contact your MP here –

Watch EU fishing disaster here –


Dear Mr. “X” , MP,

I am writing to you, in order to urge you to support our fishermen during the EU negotiations.

When we joined the EU in the early ’70s we gave away 80% of our fishing waters and the rest 10 years later. We allowed any country in the European Union to fish in British waters, taking away valuable stock from our fishermen, thus wrecking the industry.

60% of the British fleet has been deliberately scrapped under government programs whilst other EU countries have built boats on EU grants to fish in our waters. Brexit is an opportunity to rebuild our fishing industry creating thousands of jobs, increasing exports of fish and decreasing imports. Britain has the richest fishing waters in Western Europe, yet we can’t use it! Quotas and directives have squashed this vital industry so I urge you to support our trawlermen during government negotiations whilst exiting the European Union.

It doesn’t matter if you were for Remain or Leave, you must use Brexit as an opportunity to help communities across Britain which have long been neglected.

Thank you in anticipation of your kind assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

[your name and address]