Courtesy of 26.11.2018

The Prime Minister Theresa May continues to try to sell her ‘deal’, which will reduce Britain to vassal status under the European Union. The Prime Minister is appears to be relinquishing control over Gibraltar in order to stop Spain from vetoing the agreement. 

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said, 

“A new week brings a new capitulation by Mrs May. This latest statement by the Prime Minister is yet more double talk to disguise what is actually happening. Everything Mrs May talks about is subject to a transition period which has no defined ending in the draft document. The end of the transition period could coincide with the next General Election, when the Referendum result could be set aside.”

“Mrs May disguises the fact that British armed forces command and control is being merged into an EU Military under the Draft Withdrawal Agreement. Without an independent military, Britain is below the status of a vassal state – it will become a colony of the EU.”

“To cap this off the Spanish Prime Minister is now openly talking about joint-sovereignty over Gibraltar as a price for Mrs May’s betrayal agreement.”

“Gibraltar was key for Britain during the Napoleonic Wars and both World Wars. It gave access to the Meditteranean; essential for the efforts of the Royal Navy. It would have been impossible for Montgomery to defeat Rommel in North Africa without it. The Spanish claim to Gibraltar was vigorously pushed by the Fascist Dictator Francisco Franco and he will be smiling in his grave after this capitulation.”

“Never in my lifetime did I think that a Prime Minister would commit such a naked act of betrayal. By her actions, Mrs May betrays every person who died defending ‘the rock’ and all those service men and women who fought to preserve Britain’s freedom throughout the past three centuries.”