Tory MPs back plan to give fast-track visas to 52 Commonwealth countries

Tory MPs back Jake Berry’s plan to give fast-track visas to our 52 Commonwealth countries MPs have signed up to a plan to give citizens of the 52 Commonwealth countries “fast-track” visas to the UK after Brexit. A letter to the Home Secretary, published in The Daily Telegraph newspaper, says loosening visa control on Commonwealth […]


COURTESY OF GUIDO FAWKES 8TH AUGUST 2016 Despite claims from Remainers that a Brexit vote would see consumer confidence plummet, new figures out today show spending has surged since the referendum. Just a few weeks ago Remain doom-mongers were writing about a “dent in confidence”, how people were “gloomy” about their finances and wanted to […]

Sir Bill Cash Criticises Dave’s EU Deal

“EU deal is ‘spin operation of very flimsy and insubstantial grounds”. He said: “The bottom line is that it’s not legally binding and irreversible. There is no reference to irreversibility and that matters.