P.Station cooling towersFebruary 2013

Please bear in mind that the faceless, nameless EU bureaucrats in Brussels impose a staggering two thousand, seven hundred (2,700) new or amended laws on us every year. That’s on average 7.4 new laws every single day!

The recent scandal over horse meat appearing in numerous prepared foods and the announcement on Feb 19th that the UK will face power shortages due to the closure of “old” power stations are just two examples of how the meddling EU is losing its grip.

Dead horse found its way into the food  chain thanks to the EU changing the way in which food ingredients are monitored (or not in this case), since it adopted food safety as an “EU competence”.

As foreseen by many, the UK’s old coal powered power stations will have to be closed in order to comply with the EU’s lunatic war on Global Warming – Climate Change through it’s Large Combustion Plants (LCP) Directive. The trouble is that no government of any persuasion has seen fit to start building any replacements yet, and that normal time scale is approximately ten years by which time, with an ever growing and demanding population we just won’t have enough power. Oh! The hugely expensive wind turbines won’t help if the wind’s not blowing. You just couldn’t dream this stuff!

Don’t forget the “Gay Marriage” saga, that’s in order to comply with EU area-wide “harmonisation” scheduled to come into EU law in November 2013.

The enormously expensive HS2 high speed railway is another EU requirement under the 1996 Directive, which demands  “A European High-Speed Network”. One problem is that the European rolling stock has a wider Loading Gauge, which means that they would not fit onto our rails, or into our British stations, tunnels or bridges. The only solution therefore is build a completely new high speed railway system costing many tens of billions!

The funny thing is that our media hardly ever mentions the EU connection, so it ‘s up to UKIP and others to identify the source of the problems!