4th March 2013 – Today we’ve heard much on the media concerning controlling the rights of immigrants to our good old British Welfare System and controls that the Government will put in place requiring immigrants to qualify. This of course comes ahead of the much publicised uncontrolled entry into UK on 1st January 2014 of Bulgarians and Romanians, courtesy of the EU.

On Feb 26th just prior to the Eastleigh by-election David Cameron gave an interview to the Daily Express claiming to get tough on immigrants. He said ““We’re a fair country and a welcoming country, but not a soft touch. Let’s make sure that ours is the toughest country instead of the softest.”

That sounds great, but … Today in the Daily Express: Romanian foreign minister Titus Corlatean said that he had “received official assurances from the British Government” that EU rules on benefits will be adhered to by the UK. Mr Corlatean warned that the Romanian government could take legal action if the UK fails to allow migrants to access benefits. He said his counterparts in the UK had told him they will “respect” EU directives on the issue. Mr Corlatean added: “If everybody will respect this European legislation I think there is no need to continue this debate on possible legal remedies [or] sanctions. We don’t speak about the Romanians as migrants, they are European citizens, we are European citizens, we are members of the European Union so we have our legitimate rights according to the EU treaties.”

Titus Corlatean

His comments came amid a growing debate about the numbers  of new migrants preparing to come to Britain next year. Some 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians will gain the right to live and work unrestricted in Britain under European “freedom of movement” rules.

New Home Office figures show that more than 250,000 Bulgarians and Romanians have already come to Britain over the past five years – with more than half snapping up jobs.
Tory Philip Hollobone said: “The alarming thing is that even before the borders are flung open, we’re already above a quarter of a million. “We’re heading ever closer to my estimate of 425,000 Romanians and Bulgarians, which is a number I simply don’t believe this country can cope with.”

Last night a Downing Street source said: “There are EU free movement laws that means they will be entitled to some benefits. What we are trying to do is try to make things tougher for migrants to claim benefits here.”