The Party believes that our Parliament should be directly and solely accountable to the electorate of the United Kingdom, not subservient to the political institutions of the European Union. Continued membership of the European Union is totally incompatible with this principle. Furthermore, the party will campaign to restore accountability at all appropriate levels of government in order to re-establish the electorate’s confidence in our democracy at both local and national level.

Joining UKIP is easy

  • – The annual cost of membership to the UK Independence Party is £30 (Special first year subscription £10)
  • – A 5-year membership is offered at £125
  • – For those in retirement or unemployed, we ask for a contribution of at least £15
  • – For serving members of the Armed Forces the annual cost is just £5
  • – For those young people under 22 years of age, membership is just £2, but who will receive Party information by electronic means only, but who will also enjoy membership of Young Independence, our youth wing, which is open to people under the age of 35.


In return, you will receive our glossy publication “Independence”, and notification of local events, etc. At our meetings you will find yourself talking to an eclectic mix of individuals, but who all share one desire. And that is to rid ourselves of EU control, and those who wish to burden us with it, so that once again we can govern ourselves!

You will also have that nice warm feeling that you are doing something positive to help to GET OUR COUNTRY BACK! Please contact us or your local branch for a membership form.

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