Courtesy of the Telegraph (10th June) and ConservativeHome (13th June) , who tried to bury it below …as Carney tells us to prepare for rate rises, and then under “Banks are crying out for the Uber treatment” – Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph and then under Related Articles: Go on the internet – or lose access to services, Francis Maude tells OAPs 10 Jun 2014 – not exactly front page news.

Friday the 13th June was not a good day for pensioners.

The Tory Paymaster General, Francis Maude, Horsham MP has announced that pensioners will be forced to access Government Services via the internet – that includes the NHS of course, or risk losing access to these vital services, for which of course most have paid throughout their lives.

Maude is quoted as stating: “Elderly people will have to have to go onto the internet or risk losing access to key government services.”

He also confirmed future plans to make the majority of public services only available via the internet “because we think that is a better thing for people’s lives”. The services will include carers, carers allowance, small claims service, Lasting Powers of Attorney and many others.

Maude further stated that those who did not use computers, describing them as ‘refuseniks’ could apply for a one-off lesson to get them started on the internet. He described this system as similar to the way that airlines sell tickets. He failed to explain who has to pay for the computers.

So there you have it: The Caring Tories!

The same day, my wife received a letter from the local Medical Group advising her that in future she must order her repeat prescription via email.