Post-Brexit update

Post-Brexit Britain proves the remain campaign scare stories were just that: stories. FTSE is booming, staycation is boosting the economy and the majority of the world wants to trade with us! Get ready Britain… we are free.

Sir Bill Cash Criticises Dave’s EU Deal

“EU deal is ‘spin operation of very flimsy and insubstantial grounds”. He said: “The bottom line is that it’s not legally binding and irreversible. There is no reference to irreversibility and that matters.

REPORT: Over 700 UK Crimes A Week Are Committed By EU Migrants

According to Breitbart London 17th Feb: The number of convictions handed to European Union (EU) migrants in the United Kingdom has shot up by nearly 40 per cent in five years, such that more than 700 offences are now being committed every week. The number of convictions handed to EU citizens leapt from around 27,000 in […]

Serious Questions over Vote Leave Campaign & Matthew Elliott

But Mr. Baker’s e-mail, according to the Times, would raise question marks over the result of the referendum, and could even nullify an ‘Out’ vote due to a breach in the rules. Jolyon Maugham, QC, one of Britain’s leading barristers, told the Times that Mr Baker was effectively proposing a criminal offence.

The End of Schengen and the Euro?

“If border controls were allowed to remain for two years, it is difficult to see that they would ever be removed.” Junker: “Without Schengen, free movement of workers, without freedom of European citizens to travel, the Euro makes no sense”

A second great warning about Europe

As sent to all subscribers of MoneyWeek magazine Dear John, Are you proud to be British? Apologies for the personal question… but I want to make sure right away that I’m addressing the right kind of person. To me it seems like too many people have just given up on the “idea” of Britain altogether. […]