Much celebrating met Theresa May’s announcement of March 29th as the day on which she will formally advise the EU of the UK’s intention to leave their grasp.

However, all is not well.

In their speeches at the Conservative Conference on 2nd October 2016, both Theresa May and David Davis gave curiously similar speeches. They both intimated that “in order to provide continuity, we will adopt the Acquis”. The large majority of the British people do not understand what the Acquis actually means. The Acquis Communautaire to give it its full title is roughly translated as “community acquired” and consists of the entire EU legislation accumulated since 1957. It consists of some 130,000 pieces of legislation. So, since the UK currently enjoys exclusions from some items of EU law, such as from the Schengen Agreement, the Tories will be taking the UK further into the EU, than we are already! 

Consider that when Ireland gained its independence from Britain in 1922, they adopted British law into Irish law. It took the Irish civil servants forty years to cleanse their legislation of British laws that they did not require. Today, we have in Westminster many civil servants who really like the EU and so will not be disposed to deal with EU legislation in anything like a timely manner.

Moreover, it is certain that the EU legislation will prove a truly gargantuan task to work through, probably taking some fifty years or more with a diligent team. Within that time frame there are likely to be ten General Elections and copious changes of government with conflicting attitudes towards the EU. It is possible then that unless the EU does the decent thing and collapses under its own weight, the UK may never leave its stranglehold.

Surely, the Tories must be aware of this likelihood, so is this Great Repeal Bill a Tory-inspired trap and yet another example of Tory deceit and treachery?

The Tories must not be allowed to get away with this!


Theresa May must, as soon as possible indicate to the EU that HMG will revoke our participation within the terms of The London Convention 1964, wherein the Conservative government of Alec Douglas Home gave permission for our Common Market neighbours to fish within our 6-12nm limit. This was intended as a sweetener to persuade our European neighbours to allow us to join their precious club. The Convention clearly stipulates a notice period of two years. We must ensure that we regain this inshore fishing territory along with our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as specified by the United Nations Convention on Law of the Seas (UNCLOS3) of 1982, which gives maritime nations a 200nm territorial limit where not in conflict with geographical neighbours, or to median line.