EU deal is ‘spin operation of very flimsy and insubstantial grounds’

Sir Bill Cash, the veteran Tory eurosceptic MP, has described David Cameron’s deal as a “EU deal is ‘spin operation of very flimsy and insubstantial grounds”.

He said: “The bottom line is that it’s not legally binding and irreversible. There is no reference to irreversibility and that matters.

“When the British voter goes to the polls on the basis of this package they will want to have a guarantee that what has actually been negotiated will actually happen – and the answer is no, there is none.”

[Ed] Sir Bill gave an impassioned speech at the Grassroots Out (GO) Campaign London meeting on Friday night. He was joined by GO founders Peter Bone MP and Kate Hoey MP and Tom Pursglove MP, plus three members of the public including a London Taxi driver, David Campbell Bannerman, John Boyd, Gerard Batten MEP, David Davis MP, Nigel Farage MEP and finally George Galloway MP.

Reports in the Telegraph today of the meeting ending “in a dramatic walkout last night after more than a hundred people left in protest ” in response to Galloway is grossly exaggerated, possibly half a dozen is more accurate and some were probably rushing to catch their trains, because the meeting had overrun by an hour. Nigel’s report of over two thousand attendees is accurate, with people crammed standing in the side aisles of the large double auditorium. Quite electrifying. One of those key occasions one shouldn’t miss in your lifetime. We sensed that it was going to be big when we joined the long queue to get in at 5.30pm for 7.00pm start.