FRAUD saw the EU lose £270million of taxpayers’ money last year.

Today’s figure is £15 million worse than the loss in 2011.

The figure revealed yesterday – £15 million worse than the loss in 2011 – shows how Brussels has failed to gets to grips with the problem.

The European Commission budget report said the rise was almost entirely the result of two cases of cheating involving large sums from countries wishing to join the community. One case involved Croatia.

Conservative MEP and former European Commission chief accountant Marta Andreasen said: “The system is still rife with fraud. If the government of a member state was found to have lost 295million euros (£255 million) to fraud, I am certain that heads would roll.

“Instead we get a rise to 315 million euros (£270 million) from the European Commission and platitudes about a new EU public prosecutor being put in place. “We in the UK should cut our contributions to the EU at least to the level of fraud detected.”

But this only represents FIVE days of our gross contributions to the EU!