Yellow Vests Protest – Paris


Courtesy of 3.12.18. here


The protests in France should be a warning that high levels of distrust (in politicians) and lower living standards could produce unrest in the UK too.

What started out as a typical demonstration against fuel taxes threatens to become the largest and most violent street protests in France since the late 1960s. Some might say this could never happen in Britain. I wouldn’t be so sure.

The French, of course, have a long tradition of taking their grievances to the streets. There have been a dozen or so significant episodes of civil unrest since the major round of rioting in 2005. Tens of thousands of cars are burned every year. The current wave of demonstrations began with a Facebook grouping to protest a 7.6 euro cents per liter ($0.09) tax increase on diesel fuel, to help pay for President Emmanuel Macron’s environmental agenda. Opposition to the tax tapped into widening discontent over living standards and with a president who often appears arrogant and detached.

Worse, his measures seemed designed to offend what many regard as France’s beating heart — its towns and villages. Hundreds of thousands of protesters, with support from both the far-left and the far-right, donned the high-visibility security vests that are the protesters’ symbol; rioters joined them to devastating effect.
With the blatant lies emanating daily from our Prime Minister and her colleagues, it is patently obvious that “The Establishment” aren’t even attempting to hide their contempt of the British voting public. If they persist, there are many very angry people who would love to demonstrate their disgust at this treatment, while there are also other groups, such as anarchists, who would quickly join in to cause as much mayhem as possible (pardon the pun).
These are dangerous times created entirely by our wretched dishonest politicians.