In political desperation the Tories descend to the gutter

Responding to the revelation that the Tory chief spin-doctor, Lynton Crosby was planning a ‘below the radar‘ operation to attack UKIP, Nigel Farage described the Australian’s tactics as ‘descending to the gutter’.

“It is obvious that they do not think that they can compete with UKIP on matters of public policy so their approach is obviously to play the man not the ball”, said Farage.

The reports in the Sunday Times show the clear desperation of a Conservative machine that has been following not leading on issues such as migration, climate change and Europe.

There is no doubt that the Government’s recent cack-handed approach to immigration is in response to the rise of UKIP, but so is their never-never land promise of an EU referendum in some mythical time when the Conservatives have won an outright majority in 2015”.

“What is most revealing about Mr Crosby’s line of attack is that he wants to bring in outside consultants to keep a watch on the hundreds of UKIP councilors, rather than trusting the Conservative’s own elected councilors. It shows quite clearly that the Tory party just doesn’t trust its own membership. Fair enough I suppose with a constant stream of Tory and other councilors jumping ship to UKIP over the past year.”

“But this outsourcing of politics shows the fundamental weakness of the legacy parties. Instead of trusting their own membership they have to spend donor’s money on brining in enormously expensive outside consultants. This in turn means that they are more and more in hock to commercial interests, rather than listening to their own membership. Of course if they listened to their own activists they would find, just as the Labour Party would, that their own activists have enormous sympathy for what UKIP are trying to do. Simply, to wrest powers from the political elite and put it back where it belongs, in the hands of the men and women of this country”.