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While most attention is given to the Prime Minister’s appalling handling of Brexit, we’re taken further down the river behind our backs. Who will stop these traitors?


From UKIP Leader Gerard Batten 10.12.2018

The UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration
Many of you will be aware of this despite the fact that the so-called ‘mainstream media’ have reported nothing about it. I have made speeches about it in the European Parliament and done my best to publicise it

Essentially what the Compact will do is to make illegal immigration legal. It will make migration a ‘human right’ and simplify immigration processes. It will also make it much more difficult to deport illegal migrants, and it will seek to criminalise anyone who speaks out about uncontrolled immigration under ‘hate speech, xenophobia and racism’ legislation.
Her Majesty’s Government signed up to the UN Compact in Marrakech on Sunday 9th December, a day before the event was due to start. [Ed: presumably by our UK Ambassador to Morocco, Thomas Reilly – “Good” old FCO]
About 150 countries signed up to it, most of these are poor, developing countries with increasing populations which they cannot support and which they are happy to see migrate.  
A number of countries have refused to sign up: the USA, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland.
The UN Compact is not a law as such but what is known as customary international law – e.g. signatories will be expected to apply it.
Despite some of its member states not signing up, the European Union signed up in its own right, as it has the right to do under the Lisbon Treaty.
The Member States will not be protected by not-signing because if the EU adopts the Compact’s provisions in the form of Directives and Regulations, and if they are approved by the European Parliament, then the Member States will have to transpose them into national law.
Britain has already committed to adopting the Compact, and if we remain in the EU then we will have no choice anyway when the Directives or Regulations come down the line.
Only UKIP is defending Britain in these vital areas where we are being sold down the river by our Government and political class.