Courtesy of the Express 11.02.17

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has been forced to move house due to fears for his personal safety, the party has said.

The party chairman said a series of incidents had led to the decision, and the returning officer for the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election that Mr Nuttall is standing in has been informed.

Ukip’s Paul Oakden said: “Since the address of the house Paul Nuttall has been staying at during the Stoke-on-Trent Central campaign was published on social media there have been a series of concerning incidents at or around it.

“The most serious of these was two unknown men attempting to gain access to the house through a rear entrance.

“There has also been hate mail posted through the letter box and other intrusive behaviour including trespassing in the private garden of the premises and attempts to take pictures through windows and the letterbox.”

Everyone living in the property in Stoke has been forced to leave, not just Mr Nuttall.

A Ukip spokesman told the that they suspected “politically active” people from outside of Stoke for the disturbances with “groups of youths” congregating outside the house and people trespassing in the garden of the property as well as trying the handle of the front door at the private address.

The spokesman added: “The democratic action and movement of a party cannot operate due to these threats.’

He also confirmed that the police had been informed of events.

Mr Nuttall has already been the target of hostile actions in the ongoing campaign for the Stoke Central seat when he and the party’s former leader Nigel Farage were seemingly egged as they canvased around the city.

At the time MEP Bill Etheridge told “This is typical of the left; they have no arguments left so they resort to violence.

“They will learn that they cannot intimidate the legitimate voice of the British people . The more they attack us the more resolute we will be. The people of Stoke want us to be here and we will be ramping up the campaign as voting day draws closer.”

A recent survey by Leave.EU found that the Ukip leader would be victorious with 39 percent of the Staffordshire vote with Labour’s Gareth Snell second on 33 percent.

Stoke Central had previously been a safe Labour seat that had been held by Tristram Hunt with a majority of 5,179 votes but he resigned over criticism of the party leader Jeremy Corbyn and the direction of the party in general.

Ukip now look set to take the once safe Labour seat in an area that is strongly pro-Brexit.