Courtesy of The Daily Express 11.02.17.

EXPOSED: Secret plan to tie Britain to EU after Brexit is being kept ‘under the radar’

MINISTERS have provoked fury for trying to put through a treaty “under the radar” which will keep Britain tied to the EU after Brexit.

An early day motion (EDM) will today be put down by Ukip MP Douglas Carswell objecting to the Unitary Patent Court Agreement (UPCA).

The deal, which ministers have tried to avoid having a vote on, means that Britain will still be subject to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) after Brexit and mean we are still tied in with single market rules despite promises by Theresa May that we will completely leave.

Ministers have claimed the UPC is separate to the EU but only EU members can sign it and the European Court of Justice is the final court of appeal.

It also means that the standards for products and inventions are set in Europe not Britain.

The Government have put it down “under the radar” as a “negative statutory instrument” which means it will automatically go through unless an MP formally objects.

Mr Carswell will today register his objection in a bid to make sure to stop secret deals do not undermine the historic Brexit vote last year.

He said: “Leaving the EU should mean leaving the jurisdiction of the European courts, but if this proposal is allowed to pass, and we sign up to the Unified Patent Court Agreement, then we will still find ourselves subject to judges at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg when it comes to intellectual property.