June 13th 2012

Here we have Nigel Farage speaking on the impending Greek exit and it’s profound effect upon the Euro and European Central Bank. We live in interesting times …


May 14th 2012
Euro Crisis – What is happening and why



Nigel Farage on Question Time in April 2012

This video is a compilation of Nigel’s speeches on the subject of economic imprisonment. Inspirational!


Nigel is interviewed with arch Eurofederalist Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson for Channel 81

12th February 2011
Nigel Farage speaks about prisoners potentially getting the vote after prisoner John Hurst a convicted murderer took his case to the European Court  of Human Rights.

3rd February 2011
Paul Nuttal MEP UKIP Deputy Leader discusses the EU Waste Directive

19th January 2011
Nigel Farage welcomes President Orban of Hungary at the commencement of their six month EU Parliament Presidency – Short and Sweet!



2nd December 2010

Nigel Farage interviewed by RT


30th November

Nigel’s YouTube video goes viral with over half a million viewings and gets support from Glen Beck in the US! Follow this link: http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/48629/


24th November 2010

Nigel gives em stick over Irish Euro debt. Do look at the embarrassed faces of Van Rompoy and Barroso!


3rd March 2009

Nigel giving Brown stick in Strasbourg!


Then Daniel Hannan weighs in too!


18th March 2009

Poll Position – Daily Politics Show – Interview with Charles Clarke(lab) and Daniel Hannan (Tory), followed by Nigel Farage video from Brussels showing 55% against EU and 41% for.


18th December ’08

Nigel Farage in Strasbourg-worth watching!


Latest video sponsored by The Independence and Democracy Group “Out of Control” concerning the energy crisis featuring Christopher Booker, Prof Stephen Bush and Godfrey Bloom MEP