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(The Conservative’s require constant scrutiny)

Grilled by Andrew Neil in a BBC special, the Prime Minister admitted that the issue of immigration is why so many went out and voted to Leave the EU.

May said that once Brexit happened, the UK would be able to set the migration policy for the country.

But tellingly when Neil asked if migration would be significantly lower post-Brexit, May would only say that we would see a “difference” in the number of the people coming to Britain. Not exactly reassuring.

This follows the Brexit Minister David Davis admitting that mass EU migration could well continue beyond 2019 in what millions of Brexiteers would regard as nothing less than betrayal.

Make no mistake about it: immigration was the defining issue of the referendum campaign. If the Tories think they can sell out and not radically reduce numbers well into the tens of thousands from the hundreds of thousands, they will reap the electoral whirlwind.


Nigel Farage interviews Marine Le Pen for LBC:

This is most interesting.


This may not appeal to everyone and please understand that I am not an avid video viewer, but this short clip made me stop and think.


Yes, I know that it’s fantasy, with Jeff Daniels playing the character of Will McAvoy, the news anchorman of “News Night” (USA), but it’s good IMHO. Oh, and the lady holding the “It’s not” board is Emily Mortimer playing the part of his girlfriend Morgan McHale.